Well done!

You’ve finished your story. That in itself is an achievement. Many people say they’re going to write a book but few actually do. Even fewer manage to see it through to the end.

Now it’s time to take the next step on your publishing journey. Whether you are submitting to an agent/traditional publisher, or you’re going the indie route, your book will need revising and editing.

Problem is, regardless of our skill set, editing our own work is difficult. We often only see what we think is there, rather than what’s actually on the page. Plus, writing a book can be like juggling sixty-five bunnies while skipping. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused!

That’s where I come in.

I specialize in developmental edits, designed to help authors with the big picture. This is where the craft of storytelling comes into play, and the focus is on structure, plotting, character, believability and pace.

My favorite genres are YA, MG, Romance, Paranormal and Women’s Fiction, though am happy to consider other projects to see if we’d be a good fit.


Free Sample Edit

I offer a free, no-obligation 3,000 word sample edit. I use Microsoft Word and do all edits in track changes, as well as a feedback letter with the strengths and weaknesses of the sample. I also include tips on how to make the rest of the manuscript stronger.

Developmental Edit Package

I’m obsessed with the art of storytelling, and believe the only rule a writer should follow is that the story must always come first.

In a developmental edit I look at the big picture parts of your story to make sure it’s all holding together and doing justice to the amazing vision you’ve worked so hard to bring to life. My focus is on:

Story structure and pacing

Are the characters developed and emotionally believable? Also, are they someone a reader wants to spend an entire book rooting for?

Does the plotting make sense and have you hit the story beats?

Making sure your voice and style are consistent and your point-of-view is easy to follow

Making sure you deliver on the genre/reader expectations

Ensuring the writing techniques do justice to the story

I also do a small amount of line editing for word repeats, typos, formatting etc as I come across it. This isn’t a replacement for a professional copy edit once your draft is finalized.

I do all my editing in Microsoft Word, using track changes and also include a 2-3 page written report, with details on what I’ve found, as well as suggestions on how to make it pop off the page!

All my packages include a follow up Skype call to answer any questions/brainstorm anything you need, as well as email support if you’re still getting stuck. I then do a second read of the manuscript once the revisions are done.

If the story needs further drafts and support I will then offer a new package.


Up to 60k manuscript

Price: US $399*

Up to 80k manuscript

Price: US $499*

80-100k manuscript

Price: US $599*

*please note prices are in US dollars


Terms of Agreement


  1. You story is your property and I won’t share it or discuss it with anyone.

  2. I am a solo operator, which means all correspondence and editing is done by me alone. Your work will never be sent out to a third party or an employee.

  3. Payment is in US dollars and to secure your booking I require a 50% deposit with the other 50% paid when the edit is completed.

  4. The deposit fee is not refundable but is transferable to another date.

  5. There is no refund on the finished edit.

  6. If the manuscript isn’t ready for editing, I will contact you so we can discuss it further.

  7. This is for a developmental edit and while I will do some informal line editing and pick up errors where I can, it’s not a substitute for a professional line edit.

  8. I respond to all emails within a day and my turn around time is three weeks from receiving the manuscript, unless we’ve reached a prior agreement.

  9. Writing is subjective and if some of my suggestions don’t resonate with you, I totally understand. I only want the best for your story, and for your continuing journey as an author.

  10. Receiving a developmental edit is not a promise of publication or publishing success.

  11. I’m based in New Zealand but have always written for US publishers so I’m happy to use either US or UK spelling.

What My Clients Are Saying:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Amanda on many of my published romance novels, and I can’t imagine sending a book into the world without her! She has an almost uncanny ability to *see* the heart of the book, no matter how deeply I’ve unintentionally buried it! I highly recommend Amanda’s editorial services to any author who wants to take their writing to the next level.”

Christina Phillips, author.www.christinaphillips.com

“Amanda is an incredible editor. She has a brilliant understanding of story structure and how to take characters to the next level. Her edits are insightful, honest and thoughtful. She has edited a number of books for me and I am now a much stronger writer. In all my dealings with Amanda, she has been professional, prompt and conscientious. I unreservedly recommend her editing services.”

Sara Hantz, author.www.sarahantz.com